Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Bon-Bon Eating Life

As a stay-at-home mom, especially now since all of the kids are in school, everyone knows I sit around all day eating bon-bons and watching soaps (and according to my son live videos of tiger cubs). You know, like EVERY SAHM. This is how I have spent the last 13+ years of my life.

I won't bore you with the details of my day before or since this photo. But, here is my take on my five minutes (which was mostly finding something on television and getting that tiger cam pulled up) as a "typical" SAHM.

First off, there is NOTHING on television during the day. Not for those without cable anyway. I haven’t missed anything!

Secondly, if those tigers chest were not raising up and lowering back down with their every breath, I would think it was a still shot. Or they were dead. I could still easily believe the video is looped. SNORE!

Finally, because we save the best, or maybe the worst, for last. THAT ICE CREAM. Y’all, it is straight from the devil. When you take the lid off you can taste the ice cream before it even touches your lips! If you like Bananas Foster, here is the best of both worlds. It taste just like the sinful dessert. I put it away after a couple of knock-you-off-your-feet (and on to the couch to watch soaps and baby tigers video) bites. I can still taste it. 20 minutes later. The small, but pricey, pint is in my freezer screaming out my name. You have been warned - bon-bons have nothing on this (I am guessing this, of course, since I have never actually had bon-bons).

As a side note, if stay at home mom’s eat bon-bons all the time they either sell out before they hit the shelves or more people need to be selling them. I went to the three grocery stores in town and NONE of them even have a place for them!

Now, back to REAL life (and maybe a few more bites of ice cream). I think I like the real version better!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

To the Mom who fell asleep in front of me in carpool today....

I wish I had driven the Jeep today so I could go over the curb and around you.

I wish that everyone behind me would have patiently waited and moved over to go around you.

If it were at all possible, I would have left you there sleeping until your child was the only child left in front of the school.


The mom next to you, she gets it too. She lightly tapped her horn a couple of times when you didn't play along in the daily follow the leader routine. I could see you in your mirror. You did not budge. She saw you too. She quickly pulled forward to keep the game going. I sat there as many cars passed us by and I wrestled with what to do. You need sleep. You deserve sleep. I felt guilty as I honked my horn at you when I saw the teacher getting slightly irritated. I felt really guilty when you jumped out of your seat.

Every day carpool forces me to sit and....well, sit. I know for me, if I get the chance to just sit, I will quickly be sleeping. I try to read - my eyes get heavy. I try to people watch - I get sleepy. I have brought coffee, soda, etc. Nothing helps. Down time equals nap time!

Here is my request: When it is ME snoozing in the carpool line (I am fairly certain that this will occur at least once this year), please give me a patient and understanding honk and remind me that the game must go on!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Put My Son on the Bus In One Shoe

I am no longer in the running for Mom-of-the-Year Award. Okay, let's be realistic, I never was.

This morning, I let the three younger kids sleep as long as possible. Yesterday was a long and busy day! After I got them up, Andrew came in just crying with a shoe in his hand. I asked what was wrong and he said someone put his shoe in the bathtub. While this IS a very possible scenario, I think what happened was the shoe was an innocent bystander in the Great Flood of 3/27/2014 (which was preceded by The Great Flood of 3/26/2014 and will be followed by The Great Flood of 3/28/2014). Luckily, THIS great flood was caused by shower water and not any other kind of "water" that is so often found in that room!

I told him it was okay, we would put it in the dryer and all would be good in the world. Then we got busy doing our morning routines. Usually, the boys are standing at the window watching for the bus before it is time for the bus, but not this morning. I heard a bus and frantically started calling for Andrew to come on. The bus stops at one house before our house so he REALLY needed to COME ON! As he reaches the door he says something and I tell him he needs to get outside before the bus leaves him (it is stopped in front of our house at this point). He mumbles something again, but this time I HEARD him and what he said registered in my brain. "But, I only have one shoe on!"

I go running to the dryer while telling him to get to the door so the bus doesn't leave him. When I get the shoe to him he starts to sit down to put it on. "NOOOOO!!! You are going to have to do that on the bus! You need to go before she leaves you!!!" He looks at me like I have lost my mind and starts his uneven walk out to the bus as I wave and apologize to the bus driver.

Yep, I put my son on the bus with one shoe on - but at least he had the other one in his hand!

A Lesson in Working Together

Yesterday I went on a field trip with Andrew. It has been planned out for a while, but we all know what that means. I had paid for the trip and was ready but the week and a half leading up to the day of the trip, life started getting in the way, as is it seems to do when I make plans ahead of time. Paul was a key part of this plan working. I was going to take Mady to a friends house on the way to the school. Paul was going to pick her up on his way home and go home to the boys.

Paul found out he had to go out of town. Well, great. That makes things more difficult! At the end of last week Caleb comes home and tells me he has band practice at 5 (I wasn't going to be home until 5:30). Hmmm.....somehow we will make it work. My biggest concern wasn't how Caleb was going to get there, but more that Isaac and Bryce would be home alone for a little while. This was a first experience for me. Caleb is always here to keep an eye on things. We talked to the boys and they said they could handle it. They had phone numbers by the phone and promised they were going to prove themselves responsible. So, I decided since we have friends in the neighborhood that could help out if need be, we would go for it.

The field trip was fun. Exhausting, but I enjoyed getting to go on a field trip with a child that still wanted me to go with him! At 3, while on our way home, I called the house. No one answered. I called many times. No answer. We just recently got this new invention called a house phone. We had done away with it a couple of years ago when Caleb got his cell phone. When that did not work out, we decided we needed to have a phone available to ALL of the kids in case of an emergency. I thought maybe Isaac just didn't know if he should answer it or something. I was trying to keep myself calm and decide if I should try to get someone to go check on him. About that time my phone, which has a very low battery at this point because a little boy wanted to take pictures at every rock on the field trip, rings. It is a strange phone number but I thought I should answer it under the circumstances. It was Caleb.

Isaac had gone in the house, put his ID away as he always does and took the dog out to potty. Our doorknobs can be opened from the inside when they are locked. He locked himself out of the house in the backyard. Caleb had gone to a friends house to call hoping there was a key outside somewhere. There wasn't. I told him they were going to have to sit outside and wait for me to get home.

I come close to panic-mode. I am sitting on a bus coming back from New Orleans, still over an hour away from the school. Not only are the two kids going to be home alone, but they are locked OUTSIDE! A friend in the neighborhood helped Bryce get in the backyard (our backyard is completely fenced in, over the driveway, and the gate has to have an opener to open), gave them strict instructions that no one is to enter or exit the backyard and takes Caleb to the school.

I get a text from Paul after a while that says the boys got in the house. I call the house and ask how they got in, scared of what I am about to have to replace or fix (I am thinking broken window).

"We worked together and got in the house!"
"And, how did you do that?"
(I am not going to put on here how they did it because I don't want to help anyone else in to my house)
"Is anything broken?"
"No ma'am."
"So, y'all worked together without fighting or arguing?"
"Yes ma'am."
"And a crisis was resolved. Isn't it amazing how that works?" (we have this conversation a LOT in our house with the frequent arguments and fights).

Mom was able to breath much better for the last 20-30 minutes of the ride. I am very proud of them for working together and coming up with a solution by themselves. I am not ready to make them coming home alone a regular occurrence but I will feel much better next time they have to. After we got back, I picked the boys up at home, went to get Caleb from band, dropped off the boys at home, took Andrew to Cub Scouts and went to get Mady. It was a LOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG day for this Momma!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why Homework is Important

Written by a student who refuses to do homework but expects to be a millionaire, typed as written.

Homework is despised by practically everybody. Whether people do it or not is a different story.

Homework is an assignment from school or work that you have obligations to complete at a different time, so you can comprehend the material reviewed that particular day. Sometimes it might be collected for a grade based on participation, or it might be meant solely for individual recollection of the day's studies. Because this activity cuts into people's time and many do not possess the patience to deal with more stuff from the place they have spent 8 hours of their day, and 40 hours per week and do not wish to waste anymore precious time on a government-mandated "time-hole," therefore the homework assignment is not completed. On the contrary, many people, also assigned homework, complete the activity in hopes of a better grade in class, avoidance of detention or other disciplinary actions, understanding of the class topic, or "just because."

Although all students will recieve homework, nearly one hundred percent of them dislike homework or even hate it with a passion, the necessity of it goes undermined typically. If a class, such as Science, for example, carried out all experiments and projects the class needs in class time, there would not be anywhere near as much time to learn new material for the next assignment or understand their current one because they would be preoccupied with an experiment constantly. Proof of this can come from the fact in that Science class, you have 5 hours a week for the class altogther. In the one hour a student spends in the class, they tend to write on average about 2 pages of notes. The background of lab report in high school can usually take 3-5 hours to complete. That means if the student spent the school week doing the assignment, they would miss 10 pages equivalent of notes on how the assignment's principles and fundamentals make it work. Even if the class only made the pupils do one project a month it'd still amount to roughly 40 hours of 80 pages of notes not taken over the 9-month school year. Thus, homework is important in one way, through in-class time efficiency.

An additional reason homework is important, is because it teaches pupils responsibility. Normally, unless someone is taught the good habit, they will develope the wrong one. One example of this is a student who learned early on to do their homework properly, graduating, and looking for a job. First, the student would most likely have good grades from understanding work better, and possibly have a more potential dwelling work transcript. So he would get hired easier than if he'd gotten bad grades. Second, after landing a job, he would be more likely to put better quality in his service because he'd be more built for the extra effort of accomplishing unfinished tasks at home than someone who never did homework. Third, because of constant efforts and high service quality, the graduate would be promoted sooner and entrusted with the business more. On the opposal, you can compare this to someone's future, who never does homework. They would probably have poorer grades from lack of comprehension and knowledge retainment and lack of homework point; and have a poorer job transcript. The pupil would have a harder time finding a job that will accept him and the one he does get may be a monstrosity of boredom. If he acctually keeps the job, he would have a much harder time trying to put quality into his work because he lacks the mental stamina, and thus have a harder time being promoted and not as trusted with the business which could lead to being easily demoted.

As said through the essay, to conclude, homework is essential because of its ability to hide you from disciplinary actions and a bad future, making classes more efficient, helping retain information easier, and land a better job. All of these are how something as small as homework can impact a person's life. And as the final conclusion, if you have to take a class, why not put the effort to make it go smoother and end nicer?

Friday, August 30, 2013


The differences between boys and girls never cease to amaze me. When you tell the boys a secret, they MIGHT wait until they are out of your sight before they tell one of their siblings. At Christmas they have been known to say something like "I am not going to tell you that you are getting......for Christmas." Yes, we have stopped Christmas shopping for others with them!

Of course, none of these are serious secrets. Usually it is just goofiness. Like, yesterday Mady asked if she could go out for lunch. I said no but told her we probably would tomorrow because we had errands to run all morning. She began planning tomorrow's lunch. Last night, she came in to talk about it and I told her it was a secret and we couldn't talk about it around her brothers. Basically, I just didn't want to hear how unfair life was because Mady was going to out to eat and they had to go to school. Mady got a big smile and put her finger over her mouth.

Her brothers would have immediately gone to their bedrooms and spread the word. Any time Mady needs to talk about her secret, she comes to me, pulls me down to her level and whispers in my ear "Don't forget - Chili's or Raising Canes!" Then she puts her finger back over her huge smile and says "SHHHH!"

Today I love it. But, as she grows older I can only hope that I am still the one she wants to tell her secrets to. I don't want to be her best friend. First and foremost I am her mother. I will make her mad. I will make her life unfair and miserable and all of those other irritating things that parents "do" to their children. I will do it with the utmost love and always with her best interest at heart. If, in the midst of doing my best to parent her, she decides that I am still who she wants to share her secrets with then I am one blessed Momma! If she decides that she wants to share her secrets with someone else, well I am STILL one blessed Momma. And this blessed Momma will be praying hard that she has a great friend that will know when to keep her secrets tucked tight in her heart and when to take her secrets to the proper person if it is necessary for her safety or well-being.

Us going to lunch doesn't need national security. But that does not matter. I want her to learn that trust is a very important thing in a relationship. Any relationship. If someone tells her something and says it is a secret, no matter how trivial it seems to her, for whatever reason, her friend does not want the information shared with anyone else and she should respect that. It might be a test or it might be that that friend knows the whole story and Mady doesn't. There will be times when a girl-friend will break her heart and her trust, but I hope through all the pain that will come from that she learns that you have to choose your friends carefully and the importance of NOT doing the same thing to someone else.

As much as I hope and pray that Mady (and all of the kids) have a great friend like that in her life, most importantly I hope Mady learns to BE that kind of friend.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

A Social Experiment

Right before our 15th wedding anniversary this year, I started posting “I love Paul because.....” on Facebook. Every day I would choose one reason that makes me fall completely in love with my husband every day. I did this for many reasons. However, it ended up being kind of a social experiment after hearing the reactions to it.

An important reason was that I wanted my husband to know that there are infinite reasons why I love him. I can tell him, but sometimes the words just get lost in the thousands of words spoken a day amidst the craziness and chaos of our busy life. There is also the fact that between Paul’s work schedule and frequent travels, the kids schedules and the tag-teaming we sometimes have to do, we don’t always have a chance to spend a lot of time talking. On top of it all we have friends and family that had just gotten married, a few that were planning weddings, along with some struggling in their marriages and some divorces.

Pretty early on with the post we started getting comments. Comments like “No one can ever be as good as he is!” or “You are making the rest of us look very bad.” Sometimes, it was just a “You are blessed with a great man!” or “He sure is wonderful.”

The comments were in good fun. But what really bothered me were the “He never does anything wrong, does he?” or “You must have gotten the only perfect man around.” or “What did you do that you are trying to make up for?” or “Are you trying to get something from him?”

I never said he was perfect. He isn’t. Neither am I. Neither is anyone else on Earth. My question is why would I ever criticize my husband, especially on a public site? The point was to build him up. To let him know that I am, and always will be, in his corner. To remind him that as stressed as he is, we will always get through it together. To encourage him and show him that I see and appreciate his struggle to find that fine line between work and family. To let him know that I am PROUD of him, his hard work and how seriously he takes his responsibilities. I also want him to know that I appreciate the little things that make him who he is.

(And, just to be clear, I do not know of anything I have done to hurt him. I am not trying to redeem myself for any reason. I am not “sucking up” or “buttering him up” for anything.)

If I spend my time pointing out his weaknesses or failures then I am spending my time focusing on his weaknesses and failures. Soon, that is all I will see in him. That certainly is not what I want people to focus on in me.

If I spend a little bit of time every day saying what I love about him and what I am proud of, then that is what I focus on. When you go out of your way to focus on the good in someone, it leaves little time to dwell in the weaknesses or annoyances of that person.

He is going to fail. He is SUPPOSED to fail sometimes. He has weaknesses. He is SUPPOSED to have weaknesses. Even Superman had his kryptonite. If he didn’t have weaknesses and failures he would BE God and would never have to TURN to God. If he didn’t have weaknesses and failures he would never have anything to grow and learn from.

We don’t have a “perfect” marriage. We have bad days. We argue sometimes. He drives me crazy often. I drive him crazy more often. But, we look for the best in each other.

In our society divorce has become the norm. No one is shocked when they hear another marriage fell apart. To the point where I have had a child come home upset that his parents have never been divorced. “All of my friends parents are divorced. Most of them live in two houses and have two of everything and their parents get them whatever they want.” It broke my heart!

The main reason I was posting the “I love Paul because” and continue to post the encouraging marriage statuses is because I want my children to see why I love their father. We hold hands, we kiss, we call each other by nicknames, in front of our children, and sometimes their friends (even though they think it is “like, totally disgusting!”)

Often, the words from my mouth seem to mean little to my children. I want to meet them where they are. I will do anything I can to teach them how to love and be loved and to teach them that it is worth the hard work it takes.

If in the midst of my encouraging my husband, reminding him what he means to me and showing my children how to love and be loved, I am able to encourage someone that needs encouragement or offer support to someone struggling, then that is just an added bonus.

Monday, December 17, 2012


This morning, like so many other parents, I had the task of getting my kids to school. I have done this task so many times, for so many years. I would like to say I have never thought twice about it, but I have more times than I can count. But, honestly, sending my kindergartener to school I have never had the worry "What if someone comes in and starts shooting at these innocent babies?"

Friday, as I sat paralyzed, listening to the horrible information coming across the television and praying it was all a big mistake, I seriously thought about pulling my kids from school - for good. Who could do this to BABIES? What young adult could walk in to an elementary school and open fire on the teachers and principals and administrators that these kids see and look up to, MUCH LESS while the kids are in school. The fact that he also searched out children to do this to is just incomprehensible.

I did not pull my kids from school. Instead I pray! I pray for protection for my children. I pray for the world we live in. Who is to say if I did pull them out, the very next day someone doesn't break in to my house and do the exact same thing when I have them home and "safe?"

I can only do so much to protect my children. Anything can happen anywhere we are. I can not put them in a bubble (as much as I desperately want to). There is evil all around us. There are some things you can not prevent or predict. There are some people who seem nice and "normal" but people are very good at wearing mask and appearing to be something they are not.

All I can do is pray that they always have God's protection around them. I pray they have angels walking on both sides, in front, behind, above and below them. That HAS to be enough for me. Because if I don't have faith that God do what He has planned for them I would go crazy. I would be consumed with worry and fear all the time. I would be paralyzed. And, then I would teach my children to live the same way.

We ask why. We watch in search of answers. But, does it matter what they say? If they gave some "excuse" as to why he did this, what was going through his head, would it EVER make sense to us? Would it ever excuse the choices he made Friday morning?

There have been so many mass shootings. They are all horrible. They are all unfair and unexplainable. This one just seems so impossible. These kids don't even understand or get the evils of the world yet. They were all so innocent and unknowing. They have seen things that NO ONE should ever see. Their views of the world are forever changed and they have been forced to grow up way beyond their years. We protect our young children from stories like this, never thinking that we will become the story.

Today, as my children walked away from me to go to school they seemed smaller and more fragile than they have ever seemed to me.

My prayers go out to the grieving families, including the family of the gunmen, the people who go to work everyday to protect us and keep us well and had to see this horrible scene, etc. But, most of all, my prayers are with the survivors who saw things that no one should ever see, heard things that no one should ever hear and have to live with those sights and sounds of their teachers and friends for the rest of their life.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Psalm 34:18

Exodus 14:14 - The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still!